Catholic Studies

International Research Group “Catholic Studies”, under Seton Hall University’s Leadership

Under the direction of Dr. Murzaku, Seton Hall is overseeing a new intercontinental IFCU Catholic Studies Research Group focused on exploring how the Catholic Intellectual Tradition can be integrated into curriculum for all disciplines. Over the past year, Seton Hall’s programs — in particular, its Catholic Studies and CORE initiatives — have been featured in several IFCU webinars and conferences.

Speaking to a gathering of dozens of the most influential leaders in Catholic Studies in the United States, Ines Murzaku, Ph.D., Professor of Religion & Director and Chair of the Catholic Studies Program and Department, represented the International Federation of Catholic Universities at the second annual symposium of the Catholic Studies Consortium at Loyola University Chicago in September 2022. Addressing those gathered at the symposium in Chicago, Dr. Murzaku discussed the IFCU Catholic Studies Research Group, which she heads, and which has its headquarters at Seton Hall. “The Catholic university, by its very nature of being a Catholic university, presents the potential for dialogue among the disciplines and integration of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, which brings about also an integrative approach towards teaching and research,” said Dr. Murzaku. “The interdisciplinary model we have created and implemented at Seton Hall has been receiving quite a bit of international attention.”