Regional associations

IFCU members can also associate according to their continental distribution. Obvious cultural and geographical sympathies are at the basis of regional groupings aiming, here again, at ensuring more effectively the missions of the Catholic university in the world.

The creation of the FUCE (Federation of European Catholic Universities), made up entirely of FIUC member institutions, is one example; Other initiatives exist in Africa with ASUNICAM (Association of Catholic Universities and Institutes of Africa and Madagascar), in Asia with ASEACCU (Association of Southeast and East Asian Catholic Colleges and Universities), in Latin America with ODUCAL (Organización de las Universidades Católicas de América Latina) but also ACCU (Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities) in North America and the Xavier Board of Higher Education in India. These regional or continental groupings are formed in whole or in part by member institutions and are intended to respond to the particular and more immediate interests of those regions, but in line with the aims of the Federation.