Social sciences


The next meeting of the International Research Group IFCU-Social Sciences will take place from 11th to 12th October 2023 in the city of Zagreb, Croatia, at the Catholic University of Croatia.

The theme chosen for this meeting is “Youth mobility in the 21st century”. The issue of mobility is of great importance in the century we are living in, since it is a planetary phenomenon, whose causes are multiple and complex. The dynamics of human mobility, although in constant evolution, have been studied and treated from various points of view according to the responsible bodies, but they continue to pose a real challenge in terms of international law, reception, insertion and inclusion for societies, governments, and the Catholic teaching profession itself. Young generations are greatly involved in processes of mobility for a variety of reasons.

Universities in general, and Catholic universities in particular, can contribute to enriching reflection and to providing data that will make it possible to base policies that respect human dignity, as well as to promote, at their level, initiatives for the reception and recognition of students and/or teacher-researchers concerned by this mobility.

This will be the sixth international event of this group and the first one after the pandemic forced stop. Previously we met in 2018 at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), Lima, Peru, to reflect on the “Role of the university in the care of the common home”, and previously, in 2017, at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, in Milan, Italy, to address the issue of “Youth and Inequalities”. In this post-pandemic phase, the group is relaunching a Research Programme on the new generations, starting with an issue of great relevance and topicality.